? Are there different types of loft conversions?
Yes. Converting the area already available in your loft is called a "rooflight" or "Velux" conversion. A conversion with an extension to the roof is called "Dormer" conversion..

? Can all lofts be converted?
No. It is not practical to convert some lofts. For this reason Kent Loft Conversions offers a feasibility study to potential customers, which involves a visit by one of our surveyors. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

? Is Kent Loft Conversions a local or national company?
Both! We have a network of surveyors, installers and supervisors who are based strategically throughout the country to provide a local service to our customers. Our headoffice houses the drawing office and the contracts and administration departments, giving our customers the benefit of dealing with just one office using just one telephone number (TEL 07843084420).

? Do I need planning permission for my loft conversion?
Only in certain circumstances. Our surveyor will be pleased to advise you..

? Do I need building plans for my loft conversion?
Yes. If your loft conversion becomes a habitable accommodation, then it needs to be planned professionally to ensure that it conforms to stringent building regulations. At Kent Loft Conversions, we have our own drawing office where our technical draughtsmen will produce your plans to the highest standards and specifications. Local Authority Building Controls often ring us for advice!
? How much will my loft conversion cost?
Your loft conversion is individual to your requirements, so the cost will vary accordingly. Kent Loft Conversions has a vast experience from building literally hundreds of loft conversions, which allows us to accurately cost your loft conversion. Our surveyor will be able to provide you with a quote for the work you require.
? Can I save money by doing some of the work myself?
Yes. Kent Loft Conversions will do all of the work or just the structural parts.
? Do Kent Loft Conversions undertake large and small loft conversions?
Yes! We build multiple dormer loft conversions as well as simple rooflight conversions.

? What do I need to do next?
Your next move is to have a no obligation feasibility study to determine the feasibility and options for your loft conversion. Please contact us on freephone 07843084420.

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