Loft Prices

The cost depends on the type of property. Prices start around £18,500 for a typical three bedroom house.  Kent loft conversions   charge £18,500 to convert a loft into an average sized en-suite bedroom (4m x 4m), as little as £14,500 for the shell and up to £18,500 with finishing details. If this seems a lot, remember it’s an investment - the extra space adds value to your home. A similar sized ground floor extension will cost at least £20,000


Rear dormer to form bedroom
Rear dormer to form bedroom and shower room
Gable up and rear dormer to form bedroom
Gable up and rear dormer to form bedroom and shower room
Velux conversion to form bedroom





*All prices do not including architect plans and council fees All prices are for complete finish including painting and decorating+ bathroom (wet room) installation also supplying all necessary bathroom appliances and fitting of wardrobes .


Each and every conversion is different, due to every client's needs and property being different. KLC can convert your loft using a number of different options. Our surveyors will advise you which options would be most appropriate for your property and would meet your needs.

As we are the nation's experts we are able to build the most complex conversions and we are able to draw on our many years of experience. Our own structural experts will visit your property to ensure that the design meets the stringent building regulations and planning guidelines.

Your local authority building inspector will visit and inspect your conversion giving you total peace of mind.

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